Union Station Whole Foods will house the chain’s first-ever mac and cheese bar

The new Whole Foods Market at Union Station will have more than alfalfa sprouts and tahini. The first downtown location will also house three restaurants, a 100-pound tower of cheese and — are you sitting down? — a mac and cheese bar. The local restaurants and cafes setting up shop inside the market are part of its “Friends of Whole Foods Market” campaign. Birdcall, with its fried chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, breakfast biscuits, beer and wine, will open inside, as will Allegro Coffee Roasters and Tel Aviv Street Food by the U Baron Group (Izzio Bakery, Etai’s Bakery Café). Tel Aviv will be serving up falafel, shawarma pitas and other  Middle Eastern-inspired street food.

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Lauren Vaughan