Birdcall’s Second Location Will Feature a Drive-Thru

Birdcall_2.0_Concept_Design_03.06.2017_2.0 2.jpg

With a few weeks until the opening of the first location, Birdcall, is already furiously working on the second one. All about the fried chicken and fried chicken sandwiches, the sister concept to Park Burger and Homegrown Tap & Dough, is making a serious push to up the tech game in fast-casual restaurants. What does that mean? For Birdcall and the team it means creating the software and the operating equipment to allow for a restaurant that has virtually no front of the house staff. Kiosks and an app replace the servers and cashiers, though a apple-genius-like store manager will likely always be on hand to oversee the operation on the premises. That, of course, unless you order from your car.

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Lauren Vaughan