our story 

When faced with the challenge to raise prices or decrease quality, the Birdcall team decided it was time for something new. Founded in 2017, Birdcall created a new kind of food experience enhanced through technology, service, art, and architecture while promoting positive community and economic growth in local neighborhoods. Birdcall took flight in Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood with one goal - to make unbelievable food more accessible and affordable.



Our custom built kiosks, POS system, app, and high-quality food program are the core of our new age restaurant experience. Through the use of technology, we aim to serve high-quality food at an affordable price. All of our restaurants are examples of clean modern architecture. We strive to create artful, creative spaces by partnering with local furniture makers and artists in all of our locations. All of our restaurants will incorporate bike repair stations to encourage cycling in our city.


Great Food

Our chicken is locally sourced from family farms in the great state of Colorado.
We pride ourselves on our relationships with local vendors for the freshest ingredients. Our buns are made fresh at Aspen Baking Company. Our delicious coffee is a custom Corvus Coffee blend. All of our spices are created by Denver's own, Spice Guy.

Antibiotic Free





Our walls show the beautiful work of local artists. Our furniture is custom built by local furniture makers. Denver is a city of creators and makers and we are proud to have this reflection of the community in our restaurants.



At Birdcall, we want to inspire healthier communities through our actions.

We are installing public bike workstations at all of our locations to encourage greener modes of transport. We compost and recycle to minimize our footprint. We partner with local food vendors, artists, and craftspeople. We have several local charity partners. We host a 100% charity event every year called the Denver Deluxe. We want to make an impact and leave people better than we found them.


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