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Our Story

Founded in 2016, we opened our first location in the historic Five Points neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, Our team crafted a new kind of dining experience - enhanced through a blend of all-natural chicken, superior hospitality, and innovative design. Aside from the food, our focus was the ordering experience and creating a new way to enjoy great food fast, while receiving a full-service meal.

At Birdcall, our passion extends beyond just serving up all-natural chicken, sandwiches and salads. We strive to make the best food we can with an amazing experience. Plus, we want to support the communities we are privileged to operate in; that is why we are dedicated to our 1% Back program.

We pride ourselves on our award-winning recipes and fresh ingredients. Our chef-inspired menu features dishes with bacon red onion jam, buttermilk herb mayo, and peanut slaw. We focus on the details to make sure every item ordered is the best it can be.

We’re building a company that we are proud of and that our team members can be proud of.

Our Goal?



All-Natural Chicken.

Unexpected Hospitality.

1% Back.

From Coop
to Community

We strive to build a strong working environment for every member of our team with continued employee development. This mentality of support reaches beyond Birdcall and into our communities through our 1% Back program. It's our privilege to donate and support those organizations and non-profits around our restaurants with a portion of our sales.