Menu & Ingredients

Do you have any protein substitutions for your chicken?

Of course! We have crispy tofu available for any vegetarian needs!

Do you have any information on nutrition and allergens for your menu items?

Please refer to our allergens and nutrition informational sheet found here.

Am I able to substitute lettuce for a bun on my sandwich?

Absolutely. Feel free to modify any sandwich to include lettuce instead of a bun.

Do you offer breakfast options?

Yes! We currently offer breakfast from 7:00 am until 10:45 am at our location in the Whole Foods across from Union Station in Denver.

About our locations

Do any of your locations accept gratuity for the staff?

We are currently not participating in a gratuity program, but would love it if you left us a rocking review on Yelp, Google, Tattle, etc!

Do you currently offer gift cards?

Unfortunately our current systems do not support gift cards, but stay tuned! We are hard at work creating the ability to carry them very soon.

Do all of your locations have a drive thru option?

Our Evans location is currently the only location that includes a drive-thru. Unfortunately not all of our current stores support drive-thru capabilities. We are, however, diligently looking to the future to be able to support this option.

Working at Birdcall

I love what Birdcall is all about, and am looking to join the family. How do I go about applying to work there?

If you visit the ‘Careers’ page on our website, you’ll find an application to start the process, or you can visit any one of our current locations.

Nutrition/Allergen information

How do I indicate that I have an allergy?

Unfortunately our current online ordering system does not allow for special notes to be added to your order. Please feel free to call in to the location you are ordering from online and let one of our staff know. If you are ordering in-store, please speak to one of our birdtenders. Either way we’ll be happy to prepare your meal with extra care.

Can you accommodate any dietary restrictions?

We are proud to offer gluten free bun substitutions for all of our current sandwich selections. We also offer gluten and dairy free chicken nuggets. Please refer to our menu page to see which items are considered vegetarian and vegan. We would like to remind our guests that we cook in an open kitchen with shared cooking and preparation areas, and that we can't guarantee that any menu item will be completely free of allergens or other ingredients you’re sensitive to.We are actively taking steps to reduce the risk of cross contact, but we cannot completely eliminate this risk - due to the busy nature of our kitchens.

What kind of oil do you use for frying in your kitchen?

We currently use canola oil for our fries, tots, and chicken.


What precautions are staff taking currently to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Our staff wear their masks at all times, wash and sanitize their hands regularly, and have employed the use of our new COVID-19 sanitation guns. We have a dedicated green team that completely sanitizes our tables after each guest has completed their dining experience. We also offer a completely contactless pick-up option and fully support social distancing when in store and dining on our patios. For more information, please visit the COVID-19 page.

Community and Social Impact

Does Birdcall do anything to support local hospitals and healthcare workers?

Caring for our healthcare workers in any way we can has become more important than ever. We have partnered with the Tuchman Family Foundation and those at the Centura Health Network to create Fuel Hope Kitchen. Each week, Birdcall delivers hundreds of home cooked meals to hospitals all over Colorado.

I would like to sign a school up for a fundraising day, how do I go about doing this?

Please inquire at hello@eatbirdcall.com. We are happy to get your further information and get the school you’re wanting to support signed up on our calendar.

How does Birdcall get involved in the local communities?

Community is at the core of each decision we make and it goes way beyond our stores. Birdcall partners with the local schools and nonprofit organizations surrounding our locations to help support and raise funds. We are constantly striving to leave the community better than we found it.

Online Ordering + Contactless

Are you able to pay in cash while placing an order online?

Unfortunately our online ordering system won’t allow for cash payment, but if you visit one of our Birdcall locations and place your order in-store our birdtenders are happy to accept cash payments.

Does Birdcall have any sort of curbside pick up?

We are happy to share our contactless curbside pick up option. When ordering online from our website, please opt-in for curbside to get the process started. You’ll receive a text confirming your order along with instructions. Once you arrive to pick up your order, you can pull into one of our numbered parking spots and one of our birdtenders will bring your order out to you.

Do you offer delivery?

Of course! We offer delivery directly through our website for those within a certain range, which is complimentary for those orders that are over $50. We also offer delivery through third party platforms, including DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats.

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